Week 4 Work

Here is the work for Week 4.

0. Short video. I have created a short video that responds to your reading responses from Week 2. Please have a look.

1. Response to Feedback. We have spent a good deal of time in the course so far engaged in the relationship between assessment and feedback and motivating students to deal powerfully with feedback. Ironically, perhaps, I have left lots of feedback for each of you on your Assessment Self-Assessment from Week 1 and your reading responses from Week 2, and yet only one of you has responded to any feedback so far. I am not sure what that tells us, but I think it is a very interesting result. 

Therefore, this week you are going to have a chance to respond to this feedback and then reflect on this process for yourself as a learner. So, here's what to do:

a. Feedback on Assessment Self-Assessment. Here are the instructions I sent for viewing and responding to this feedback.

1. Go to Hypothes.is. Access Hypothes.is here. You will see on this page a general description of how the tools works. I think it is pretty neat.
2. Get started. Follow the directions here to set up an Hypothes.is account and set up your browser with the tool. It is very easy to do.
3. Join our Hypothes.is group. Once you are logged in to Hypothes.is, you can follow this link to join our group.
4. Go to our Group Discussion. You can find it here.
5. Look over the feedback. Take a look at the feedback I left. In many questions, I have asked for a respond. You will see that the comments have a reply feature. Respond away!​
b. Feedback on Reading Responses. I have left feedback on your reading responses as replies to your blog post from Week 2. Please take a look at the feedback, and then respond to it by revising and re-posting your work. I have left the instructions for doing so right with the feedback itself. The easiest way to find your work is to go here, and then search for your post.
2. Reflecting on the feedback process. Now that you have reviewed and responded to feedback on a couple of pieces of your work, it's time to reflect on the feedback process itself.
Was the feedback useful? If so, what was useful? If not, what was not useful? How did you make use of the feedback on both pieces of work? What was it like to revise your work/respond to the feedback? What can you take away from this experience to improve your use of feedback in your classrooms?
As you prepare your reflection, please read this article on classroom assessment and feedback. I think you will find it really useful. Here is the citation:
Brookhart, S. M. (1997). A theoretical framework for the role of classroom assessment in motivating student effort and achievement. Applied Measurement in Education, 10(2), 161-180.

I have opened a Group Discussion in order for you to post these reflections. You can find it here.
This work is due no later than Monday, June 24th.
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