Week 2 Work

Here is the work for Week 2:

0. Brief Video. Please watch this brief video which talks about the work for this week. I also demonstrate how to post your work to Pace Commons.

1. Reading Responses. You are going to do our first round of reading responses this week. In order to do so, we will follow this protocol.

(Note: you cannot easily add color directly in Pace Commons, so you will have to compose your responses in Word or another word processor, and then paste your work into your blog posting. Also note, if you copy and paste directly from Google Docs, the color does not stick. You can instead download your Google Doc and then open it on your computer and then copy and paste the text).

You will submit your response by creating a blog post. I demonstrate how to do this in the video above. 

Here are your readings for this week. You can find them here.

a. Dixson, D. D., & Worrell, F. C. (2016). Formative and summative assessment in the classroom. Theory into practice55(2), 153-159.

b.Hattie, J., & Timperley, H. (2007). The power of feedback. Review of educational research77(1), 81-112.

c. Havnes, A., Smith, K., Dysthe, O., & Ludvigsen, K. (2012). Formative assessment and feedback: Making learning visible. Studies in Educational Evaluation38(1), 21-27.

For this week's reading, the guiding question is: What are the differences between what we think we know about feedback and assessment, and what research tells us?

Be sure to include this tag: edg605response1

2. About last week. Now that you have posted your Assessment Self Assessments (which were really well done and which I am still reading carefully), I would like you to review what you and your classmates said. There are two purposes to this. First, I am confident you will learn about one another's teaching practice. Second, look for two or three people with whom you share common strengths and, more importantly, weaknesses. You will use that to develop feedback groups starting next week.

All of this work is due no later than Monday, June 10th.

Have fun. Do great work. Stay in touch.

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