Week 1

The goal of this week is to get ourselves oriented to the course and how we will be working together for the next few weeks.

Here what to do:

0. Welcome video. Please watch this brief welcome video, which aims to orient you to the course.

1. Login to Pace Commons and set up your profile. In any learning setting, it is useful and important to declare who you are and what you are up to here, and to get to know one another in those ways as well. So we will start by having you set up your profile on Pace Commons. I have created these short videos which talk about how to get yourself set up in Pace Commons.

Setting up a profile on Pace Commons

Working with a group in Pace Commons 

You do not have to include a photo of yourself, but I ask that you have some avatar/graphic representation of you.

Please set up your profile right away. You will be surprised how much difference that makes to those of us in the course.

2. The Course Syllabus. Please take a look at the course syllabus. It will give you a sense of what we are up to and how we will be getting there. You will also see the major assignments and schedule for the course. It is a living document and will reflect any changes we may make as we go along (there shouldn't be many if any).

3. Assessment Self-Assessment.  Any learning starts by understanding where we are now. So, you will complete a self-assessment of your assessment practices as a teacher. 

You will post your Assessment Self Assessment to this Group Discussion, where you will find the directions for this assignment. Just be sure to follow the requirements for this activity. You are not required to respond to anyone, but feel free to do so. Remember, we are all in this together for the next few weeks. 

This work is due no later than Monday, June 3rd.

EDG 605 Summer 2019

EDG 605 Summer 2019

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