Response to the Ancient Philosophers: Revision

To finish up our work on the Ancient Philosophers (Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle) for now, you are going to post a written response that addresses these guidelines:

1. Themes

What are the central ideas for each of these philosophers?

2. Education/Learning

What do these philosophers have to say about education and/or learning?

How do their ideas relate to what we have been up to this semester?

3. You

If Plato was writing about you and your philosophy, what would he say about you and why?


Expectations. Your responses should be substantive, specific, and thoughtful. I expect 250-500 words (10-12 point font). I will be scoring your work based on: 1) meeting the criteria, 2) writing well, 3) being thorough and thoughtful.

You can turn in your work in one of two ways:

a. Blog Post. You can post your work as a blog post here on Pace Commons. To to this, go to the "Create and Share" menu above and choose "Write a Blog Post." Be sure to use the tag: #theancients

Please note. If you post your work to Pace Commons, other students are able to see it.

b. Email a Word Document. You can email your essay to me directly. If you choose this option, only I will see your work.


This work is due by the time we meet for class on Wednesday September 25th.

Philosophy of Education Fall 2019

Philosophy of Education Fall 2019

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