Final Portfolio/Professional Development Plan: Revision

For this, our last chunk of work, you are going to do two things: 1) assemble a final portfolio of your work for this course and 2) create a professional development plan for yourself in terms of powerfully using assessment and feedback in your classroom in the new school year.

Here are the details:

1. Final Portfolio. You will compile what you consider to be your strongest work for this course and to annotate it.  We have done lots of work in just a few short weeks. You have done an Assessment Self Assessment, responded to readings, You will share your portfolio with me and the class by creating a blog post on Pace Commons. Be sure to use the tag: edg605summer2019finalwork

Here are some examples of this type of portfolio:

Example 1

Example 2

2. Professional Development Plan. We started the course by having you assess your use of assessment and feedback. In that self assessment, you identified what you then considered to be your strengths and weaknesses. You also read some research into the use of assessment and feedback. You then responded to feedback provided by me and reflected on the process of getting and utilizing feedback. Most recently, you looked at data and created visualizations and stories with it as a way of asking and/or answering questions. 

So now you are going to use all of what you learned to create a professional development plan for yourself.

Here is what the plan should include:

1. What are your weaknesses/areas for improvement? Go back to that first assignment, then review and update what you consider to be weaknesses/areas for improvement.

2. What does the research say? Your professional development plan needs to be research based. So, you will have to tie to your proposed actions to relevant research. You have done some reading in the areas of assessment and feedback. Here is a larger set of articles. You are also free to locate articles on your own. Just be sure they are from reputable, peer reviewed sources. 

3. What is your action plan? A plan requires concrete actions that take place in time, so you will create such a plan for yourself. What are you going to do? What will it look like, specifically, and when will it be done. You should also consider who will serve as coaches and mentors for you.

Be sure your work is thorough, thoughtful, and complete. I will be assessing your work using this rubric.

Once your plans are done, you can post them to this Group Discussion.


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