Intro to Robotics Sessions: Revision

Here is the schedule of our Intro to Robotics Sessions for the week of 3/5:

Intro Robotics Sessions

Saturday (3/3) 12-1:30 Monday (3/5) 4:45-7 Wednesday (3/7) Thursday (3/8) 4-6
Susan Riley Amanda (12-1) Maria M
Alicia Michael   Paul S.
Sachin Guido   Nancy
White Plains Eastview Middle School Dana

Buchsbaum (Ardito Office)

  Jeff   Elm Hall Lobby

Buchsbaum Conference Room



Please note the times and places. 

If you already have your mBot, please bring it. Please also bring your laptops.

Before you arrive, please download and install the mBot software, which you can get here.

Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

Here is the online home for CS for Teachers.