Beautiful Evidence

    • Susan Granata
      Susan Granata


      Your charts and data were compelling to review, thank you! It is interesting to me how much of this data that we are analyzing just serves to create more questions and lines of inquiry. It will be interesting to see if the trends you are discovering from last year will continue to prove true as the students progress through the grades. Thank you for sharing!

      • Gerald Ardito
        Gerald Ardito


        This work is incredibly well done. And I believe your questions reflect your interested in education for all.


        I couldn't agree more with your insights about these data generating more questions, which I what I firmly believe should be happening.

        • Jacqueline Coughlin
          Jacqueline Coughlin

          Hi Alicia, 

          This is so impressive and interesting! It looks like you put so much time and care into this. I wonder how this data will change in the future. Thanks for sharing :) 

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