Unit 3 – Beautiful Evidence: Using data visualization to make sense of information

Name: Kendall Stevenson Email: ks21793p@pace.edu Date Procedural Notes Describe frankly what you read/viewed and then tried programming Errors Copy the exact error message. Then, describe your thinking as you attempt to “debug” the error 03/22/2019 1. Begin logging your procedure by restating what topics you covered 1. Then add what you tried in Twine, offering some details about what’s going through your mind as you learn This week I downloaded RStudio programming language. I found it to be somewhat complicated and not as user friendly as “Excel”, But I do believe that once mastered; R programming produces a better looking and much more professional output. It’s a matters of opinion, some may find R programming not very user friendly and some may find Excel more effective and simpler to use. I like having choices. • Copy the error or message 1. Describe what you think the problem is 2. When you debug the error, describe the lesson you learn about Twine I had and stilling having some problems incorporating The Excel files into the RStudio. It wouldn’t produce a plot “chart”. Reflection | Think about everything you know about how human languages and communication work. What are important differences and similarities between computational and human languages? There are plenty of reasons to use Excel over R just as there are reasons to use any program over any another program. Excel is still a powerful tool for smaller datasets, basic data entry, simpler functions and formulas, and viewing raw data. Both R and Excel are great tools to handle data analytics. Excel is already well known and used by many professionals, whereas R is an open-source programming language that’s frequently used in big data analysis with more advanced functions. When choosing between R and Excel, it’s important to understand the functions of each, and how either software can get you the results you need. What it comes down to, is that it’s a personal preference. http://www.p12.nysed.gov/irs/statistics/nonpublic/ As I stated above, It’s a matter of preference. I found that using datawrap to be very, very USER FRIENDLY. The same goes for Google Sheets.