Video of My Etoys Creation

I was able to make an animation with Etoys in which a fish is trying to avoid the sharks. I coded the sequence so that when the fish touched a shark, it turned and swam away. I think this could be used in a classroom, especially in a Science class. Students could demonstrate concepts like the food chain, global warming, viruses, chemical reactions, etc using Etoys.

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      This is just terrific.


      • Kendall Stevenson
        Kendall Stevenson

        I've never used Etoys before. I just downloaded it and I agree this can be useful in the classroom. This program like Turtle Blocks can be used on all levels of education (from K-12 and beyond).  

        • Skyler Metviner
          Skyler Metviner

          Thank you so much :) 

          I agree that all grades can benefit from this.

          It’s a very different experience for me because I am a very crafty and hands on person; so, this is very eye opening. 

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