Video of My Turtle Blocks Creation

I was able to make my Turtle Blocks form a design through a pattern of steps, change colors, change noises (a frequency from high to low played every time a color changed)*, and add text. I learned that what is important isn't the end product (the flower design), but the process of how you created it. I worked on the skill of problem solving by determining how many pixels my icon should move, at what angle it should turn, where to place the text, etc. I did this through a process of trial and error. This lesson, of trial and error, can be applied to the classroom because a lot of students worry about making mistakes and ruining the final product; however, the only way we learn is through making mistakes.

*not heard in the video due to the screen recording mechanism

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      This is terrific.

      I am in the midst of working with 5th and 6th graders and TurtleBlocks. This biggest limiting factor for their success is their willingness to tolerate frustration and (temporary) failure.

      • Skyler Metviner
        Skyler Metviner

        Thank you so much.

        I think it must be especially hard for younger kids to work with programming because they are used to a lot of parental support (less responsibility) and being constantly rewarded (any type of frequent signs of gratification especially in schools). I do think though, that learning patience is a really important skill everyone should learn and the sooner the better. What is a better way to learn patience and your abilities than a computer application in which you control everything that happens?!

        • Kendall Stevenson
          Kendall Stevenson

          I would love to be a kid in your class...Seems like fun...

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