Lesson Plans

    • Brianna Iliceto
      Brianna Iliceto

      I like your idea of giving a preview of the movie before assigning the book. This will make the students more interested in reading the book. I also think that explaining the time period in which the book takes place in will allow your students to better understand what is going on in the novel. 

      Like i mentioned in your other lesson plan. i really love the blackout poetry idea!!! I think its really unique and I know students will enjoy that as well. Giving them a prevention is also great in order to make sure that they are reading and understand the novel. It will also help them with their public speaking skills. Will you require all students in each group to say something? 

      I also like how you broke up the test into two days. That will avoid students from rushing through the test and allow them to do better

      • Robert Goldberg
        Robert Goldberg

        Ciao Jamie,

        I agree with Brianna in that it is a good idea to show a preview of the movie version before assigning a book, if there is a movie of the book of course. I think talking about the time period is also a good idea and that might be the first thing you do as it gives the movie preview context. Based off what I saw I assume the kids will mostly read at home just out of curiosity how will you deal with kids who use spark notes instead of reading the book. In class quizzes on a chapter perhaps not sure... at any rate good job on the assignment.


        • Nicholas Neuner
          Nicholas Neuner

          Hi Jamie, 

          This structure of your lesson plan is very clear and well done. I think the idea of establishing the importance in almost thematic way is a major strong point for your plan. It clear lays out to anyone looking into these lessons an understanding of what they are to learn. My only suggestion for this would be to give expectations for the students. 

          • Duffy Brennan
            Duffy Brennan

            I really like this lesson plan because it's very in depth and outlines everything in a clear manner. The movie preview was a good idea because I know that I had teachers in high school and that always helped. I do think that there needs to be some expectations for students.

            • Courtney Pabst
              Courtney Pabst


              I really enjoyed how many different tools from our toolbox you utilized in creating these 5 lessons. This will definitely keep your students constantly on their toes, and help them to remain engaged on a day to day basis. My favorite part about these lessons has to be the play presentations. Not only is this a fun activity for the students, but it will give you a great understanding about the amount of attention each student paid to the detail in the book, as well as how well they analyzed it. Good job!

              • Olivia Difusco
                Olivia Difusco

                Hi Jamie,

                   I'd like to thank you for doing such a great job on this because your layout of the lessons inspired me in writing my own. I really like how you explain the importance of each lesson and how you'd incorporate the tools. I'd say the next step in your planning would be to get more detailed. For example, when you say group work, take it the step further by explaining what type of group work it'd be. 

                • Christina Katechis
                  Christina Katechis

                  As always, your work is clearly organized and well thought out! 

                  For lesson one, what will you do to engage the students after showing them the preview of the movie? 

                  -I was thinking you can have them write a short story based off of the preview they saw, so they can look back at it when they finish reading the book. 

                  I respect that you create your lessons in a way that asks for each individual students point of view to be expressed. It gives them a voice, and that is really important to explore through writing and reflecting. 

                  The lessons were explained in detail for students to understand and planned for students to engage. Well done, Jamie.



                  • Jaclyn Dellisanti
                    Jaclyn Dellisanti

                    Hi jamie, 

                    I did the same thing as olivia,and modeled my lesson plans after yours because it was done so well. With that being said, I personally do not have any comments to leave! You did a really excellent job!!

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