UbD Geometry Unit Plan 1

    • Jaclyn Dellisanti
      Jaclyn Dellisanti

      Hi Courtney,

      Reading your first draft, I think you mentioned an extremely important tactic for rethinking and revising..to switch up the angle at which you are teaching to ensure the fact that students understand. Your performance tasks seem like a lot of fun for the students. For the jeopardy game, i don't know a lot about math, but if the units are proofs, how can they incorporate different subjects? You may also want to consider the students making an answer key for the two games so you know they can complete the proofs and are not just looking up questions from online. It seems like this class will be fun, nice job!!

      • Robert Goldberg
        Robert Goldberg


        I think your Enduring Understanding statement "Words and equations can represent mathematical relationships" is interesting as a main concern of students when learning math is its practicality. I think if you made it slightly more general it might work better. Regarding the group work would that be a negative to their learning as students during a test need to have developed the skills needed to write a proof? Its possible in the group students will leave the thinking to other students and not develop their own method of doing proofs. I think the idea of a bored game is a good idea if they are doing group work though. I think the details on the board game are also pretty solid although you might want to add a few more details such as a example for kids who need some inspiration. Overall I liked how creative you were and how you picked a complex topic like proofs instead of something simple. 

        • Olivia Difusco
          Olivia Difusco

          Hi Courtney,

              I like to project of a board game, but I'd encourage you to perhaps consider having a second project or tasks that a student can do individually. I say this because maybe a student's group member is slacking. If you don't want to incorporate a second project, then have peer evaluations of their partners. Overall, I think you planned this unit pretty well!

          • Jamie Soldinger
            Jamie Soldinger

            Hi Courtney,

            I really like your first task of creating a board game.  I think you could get a lot of kids interested in this, even the ones who are not too fond of math.  I also really like the idea of creating a Jeopardy game.  I think it would be a lot of fun and even a nice review for the students.  I think it might be useful to incorporate one more essential question or big idea since this seems to be a bigger unit.  I think you have a solid unit draft here and i really enjoyed it!

            • Nicholas Neuner
              Nicholas Neuner


              The section with accommodations Is possibly one of the strongest points of this UPD. I say not because the rest is underdeveloped but instead because I think this is something often overlooked by teachers when creating a plan. Not all students will acquire the same skills at the same time, and to expect that is an injustice to the student. I think you have some intrigued ideas, especially in the realm that you are studying. Like Jamie has mentioned, the use of games is an intelligent practice in the maintaining the attention of your students. 

              • Taylor Bolger
                Taylor Bolger

                Hi Courtney 

                I really liked (much like everyone else) the incorporation of games as your projects as I can certainly see students working to engage themselves in such activities with little prompting. However, I would recommend that you add a bit of incentive to your plan for students who finish early. What I mean to say is that a student who completes all of their required work may be simply satisfied with that and, even if you give them the worksheet they may just decide to sit there and do nothing for the rest of the period. I would put some kind of reward in for completing the worksheet like a free home work pass or counting the work sheet as extra credit to encourage them to want to complete it if they finish all of their other work. Other than that I'd say your plan is very clearly constructed, well done!

                • Duffy Brennan
                  Duffy Brennan

                  I like how you included what the teacher will do and what the student will do. I think that will allow both to trust and hold each other accountable for what goes on in the classroom. I think that the charts could be overwhelming to a student if they were to see this, so maybe if there was another way to structure this so it would be easier to follow for students.

                  • Brianna Iliceto
                    Brianna Iliceto


                    I really like the idea of challenging the students with more difficult material if they are to finish early. If they finish early and have confidence in their work, then I feel that they won't mind the extra challenge, especially when proofs can be fun! (they were one of my favorite units in geometry). This is very helpful to prepare for the regents exam as you stated. 

                    When you revise your lesson plan, I would definitely add your big ideas and essential questions for this unit as well as the course as a whole. (Just so we have more of an idea of what the course/unit has in store and we can look at it from a student's perspective) 

                    What will your worksheets consist of? 

                    Really love your idea of giving back their tests and quizzes with corrections on them. And I also really like your ideas for games!

                    • Christina Katechis
                      Christina Katechis

                      Hi Courtney,

                      Your first draft is very sharp! I felt a little uneasy with the essential questions you chose, but that is my opinion! In the modifications, when will the teacher be available? 

                      I find it interesting that students who finish early are assigned to complete proofs that if completed, they are prepared for Regents level proofs. 

                      From your intro to theorems and proofs &  your reinforcement of the content through classwork, group work, homework, projects, punctually graded student work, you carry out the unit effectively and with expectations of growth.

                      Project two is a more complex version of Project one and I dig it. From the students applying what they learned in the board game they were able to learn more and apply it to the next game. 

                      Nice job!