Genetics Unit Plan #1

    • Jaclyn Dellisanti
      Jaclyn Dellisanti

      Hi Brianna,

      For the performance tasks, I see you have a lot. The requirements are clear, but are the designed for every task or specific ones? You have good ideas that demonstrate the students understanding, but are the students doing all of them through out the entire unit or just some they get to pick. I think you included a very important detail at the end, "how will you know the students understand?" This is extremely important in a classroom and I agree with every way you stated. Nice job! 

      • Olivia Difusco
        Olivia Difusco

        Hi Brianna,

            I really like how you outlined the unit plan yourself, it made it much simpler and easier for me to understand. I like how you incorporated many performance tasks, but similar to what Jackie said, I think that you should make a clearer rubric for each of these tasks. You also use phrase, "perform well," many times for your assessment section.. Maybe clarify what a well performance is to you, in terms of grade. Overall, you did a great job. 

        • Robert Goldberg
          Robert Goldberg


          I think Olivia is right in asking for a clearer rubric for the tasks you give. That said I think the ambiguity of the phrase "perform well" is useful as sometimes when grading things do not seem to fit in with a rubric well and allows a teacher to perhaps throw a few extra points to a struggling student. 

          • Jamie Soldinger
            Jamie Soldinger

            Hi Brianna!

            I like how simple and straightforward your big ideas and essential questions are.  I think they are easy to understand and could even be brought to deeper meaning.  I think creating almost a rubric for each performance task would be great for the students to see what they are being graded on and even beneficial to you while grading.  I think going into deeper explanation to the portion of assessing the performance would also be beneficial.  Overall, I think you have a very solid first draft to build off of!

            • Christina Katechis
              Christina Katechis

              -Your BIEQ for your unit are a great way to start off. Your performance tasks prepare students for what they are expected to know. In the section for how will you know that they understand, I see only through student action. You might want to include some ways a teacher can check on students' work to see for yourself if they understand (before it's too late for them)

              -The way you and students will assess their performance is great.

              -Your performance tasks can really help you know if students understand the content. And from there you will know which students need to brush up on certain material before the test.

              • Nicholas Neuner
                Nicholas Neuner


                Though I enjoy science, I also understand the anxiety that comes studying it. I think you have helped the student in feeling confident as to what they will learn and expected to obtain throughout the course. My only take aways for improving your UPD would be to add a timeline and look at accommodations. You mentioned access to a laptop or computer, I think you must consider the fact that you may have a job in a lower income area at some point in your career, and outside of school hours these children may be limited in this regard. I would maybe explain how you would assist them in this, for example: Stay after school hours with the student  in order for them to be able to completely the work without penalties. Also encourage the school to rent laptops out to students. 

                • Duffy Brennan
                  Duffy Brennan

                  This is a really good plan and I think the essential questions are great. Maybe just give some ideas about what the project might be and how that will be assessed. Also maybe what everything counts for. 

                  • Gerald Ardito
                    Gerald Ardito

                    Hi Bianca! I really enjoy your seating arrangement for students. I think that is a big factor still in high school. I also think partner work is important, especially in a math classroom. I think this will be good for both students who understand the material and ones who do not. This will allow the student who does not understand ask for help and the one who does understand explain the topic. I think adding a few big ideas could be beneficial to both you and the students. They will be able to see what is going to be talked about and it will help you stay on track to make sure you are getting the points across to explain that big idea. I think the implementing an area to signify that you will know that the students understand the topic could be beneficial. If you use this before a big test, it could show you what you might need to go over one more time and it could show the students what they need to study one more time. Maybe a study guide or a min quiz right before the test could help. I think also putting in a area that maps out the unit as a whole could be helpful in the planning aspect. It could also show you how long you should spend on each unit. Overall, I think you did a good job! Jamie Soldinger

                    • Taylor Bolger
                      Taylor Bolger

                      Hey Brianna

                      So to start I would suggest going back and re-writing your third essential question in the content area as I believe you stated physically twice when you probably meant to say something else (only saying this for clarification purposes). All of your other big ideas and essential questions are thought provoking and easily comprehensive. I also really liked how you set up your performance task section in a way that a student could use as a checklist for monitoring their own understanding as you teach with the same being said for your understanding section. My only real complaint about the unit plan is that it feels like "the bare bones" of what it should be. By that I mean (specifically in the performance requirement section) you haven't really given any background information or instructions for what you want students to do, only that you want them to get it done. I feel like adding a one to four sentence description of each assignment could really help to illustrate exactly what your looking for from the students or, what counts as a "completed" assignment.

                      • Courtney Pabst
                        Courtney Pabst


                        I think you have a great start to your first unit plan! I really enjoyed how you included in your plan what exactly it is that you want the kids to fully grasp, and how you know that they are going to do so. I do agree with Taylor in that maybe the performance tasks should have more definite instructions for the students to follow, to assure they're doing the work exactly how you'd like to see it done. Overall, great job!