Revised Unit plan development

Lesson Plans

Week 1

Introduce topic to class, expose them to essential does geography play a role in culture? What factors make up a civilization? Define civilization. Go over them in class.

Ask what they think they are going to learn in the course and introduce and talk about the bid ideas..."Civilizations make adaptation over time" and "civilizations learn and utilize different ideas from each other."

Introduce Paleolithic Era and what it entails. Toward last day of the week, begin to talk about the transition to the Neolithic Era. 

Performance task 1- Create a cartoon of the Paleolithic era (credentials and explanation in unit plan)

Week 2

Continue with the transition to the Neolithic era. Once finished with that, talk about the political, social, and economic aspects of that era for the rest of the week. 

Performance task 2- Write a short story from perspective of a man or woman that compares their live before and after the Neolithic revolution (credentials and further explanation in unit plan)

Week 3 : (This is a rather short topic and should take about only three weeks)

Do the final wrap up of what ever you didn't have time to teach (say if week one carried into week two and week two carried into week three). Once finished, have students do performance task 3- Drawing and explanation of a contribution made(further information in unit plan). 

After all this, have one to two days of review depending on how long it took to get through the material. Have students take test on Friday of the third week. 

    • Brianna Iliceto
      Brianna Iliceto


      I think this is a good start!

      I would go more into detail with specifying your ideas for activities. I like how you described your projects so maybe try to organize your activities the same way. I also noticed that you asked for help with how to re-think and revise. In my perspective, I think the point of this space on the unit plan would be a space for ideas on how to reiterate information incase students don't understand the first time you teach it or if they are falling behind and you need to accommodate for that. If the students are significantly behind then you need to change further lessons a little so that you can still teach all of the curriculum for the unit. 

      I really like your ideas for projects! Very creative. 

      Overall, great job! 

      • Robert Goldberg
        Robert Goldberg

        I think the essential question "How does geography play a role in culture?" is an interesting one and something students should consider. A way to perhaps figure out if your students are understanding the material is to give a small mini quiz in class to see if there are any areas they are lacking in. I do like the ideas for your projects. 



        • Taylor Bolger
          Taylor Bolger

          I felt like your enduring understanding would really resonate with students as the phrasing of it (innovation and destruction) implies ground-breaking events would be discussed in the unit. I find that posing information this way would be a great way to hook your students into the lessons as it would leave them curious and questioning what the events were exactly and what of their impacts. However I wish you'd have gone into further explanation regarding your modifications as I'm wondering what forms (individual help to further explain information) specifically it would take.

          • Olivia Difusco
            Olivia Difusco

            Hi Jackie,

               I think you mapped out your unit pretty well. I do think there are some adjustments/improvements that could be made though: 

            • Rubrics for your performance tasks
            • Have more essential questions for unit
            • Have more Big Ideas for unit
            • Exactly how are you implementing group work into the classroom?
            • Jamie Soldinger
              Jamie Soldinger

              Hi Jackie!

              I think you laid out your unit.  I really like the first task that you will use n the classroom.  I think it would be nice for the students to get creative.  I also really like your requirement on the 10% off for the first day then 5 points off each following day.  I think thats nice for a student to know it is not 10% each day, but it is also incentive to turn it in on time.  I think it would be very useful to incorporate more essential ideas and big ideas.  It will help both you and the students see what you will be covering.  It could also work as a checklist as you go on in the unit.  I think it might also be useful to go through and plan out what specific civilizations or information you will be covering.  Since I assume you will be covering more than one civilization, it might be nice to see it all planned out under mini units.  Over all I really like your unit plan and it is a great start!

              • Duffy Brennan
                Duffy Brennan

                Hey Jackie, this is a good start. I would try and outline what is being talked about during the 3rd week and make the first week a set timeline as well. I would also make sure that there are requirements and assessments for the performance task.

                • Nicholas Neuner
                  Nicholas Neuner


                  I think the ideas are there, and they show promise. What I would suggest is elaborating on them, such as how they will be graded. What would expect for the cartoon, simply an image or would it be accompanied by writing to help aid the students explain what they are attempting to explain? Maybe include a timeline of discussions, what you will talk about and when. This is a skeleton and I think when you add the fluff you will have a good standing UPD. 

                TCH 215 Spring 2018

                TCH 215 Spring 2018

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