Unit Plan Development

    • Brianna Iliceto
      Brianna Iliceto

      Hi Jamie, 

      I really like the calendar that you came up with! It is easy to follow and equipped with details.

      The blackout poetry assignment seems very interesting and fun! 

      I think you did a great job listing your big ideas, essential questions and assignments with requirements. I think it is important to add what exactly the students will be learning from this. I also think you should add a section on how you will know that the students will understand. Yes, they will understand the book by performing well on the assignments, but what else? 

      Otherwise great source of organization and the assignment ideas are very creative!! 

      • Jaclyn Dellisanti
        Jaclyn Dellisanti

        Hi Jamie,

        The calendar you made was a very good asset. It gives a clear breakdown of how the class will go and some of the work that is to be completed. Your performance tasks are very creative and well thought out. However, I think you should add some requirements that show that the student actually understand the material, what exactly you are looking for.

        • Robert Goldberg
          Robert Goldberg

          I liked the essential question about why writing is worth reading. I think in a society where reading is becoming less common, it is important to remind ourselves why we read in the first place. I noted that you have a large amounts of projects in one month for students. It might be overwhelming for them to receive so much work in such a small time frame. 

          • Olivia Difusco
            Olivia Difusco

            Hi Jamie,

               I think making use of a calendar for unit planning is responsible and smart to do, since there's a lot to do day-to-day in a classroom setting. However, I think that you should add more detail into how you would know your students are understanding the unit and material. Overall, your unit plan was unique and well done!

            • Courtney Pabst
              Courtney Pabst


              Your idea of making a calendar and mapping out your plans for the unit was very nice to see. I think being this organized now is only going to help you in the future. I also loved the performance task of the students putting on a play for their class. The Great Gatsby is such a fun book to read, and I'm glad you chose performance tasks that are just as fun!

              • Taylor Bolger
                Taylor Bolger

                Out of all the other unit plans I've seen thus far I believe that your unit plan has the most impressive big idea and essential question sections. All of your big ideas and essential questions relate back to the students, their abilities, while also managing to be thought provoking and individually engaging. Additionally each big idea seems as though it will play a major part in answering the associated essential question if not be directly incorporated into the answer.

                All of the assignments from your calendar look like they could be a lot of fun for students to participate in but, I would highly recommend changing the dates when they are assigned and or due. The overlapping dates may confuse and overwhelm students.

                • Duffy Brennan
                  Duffy Brennan

                  This is really good and it lays out the schedule of the class very well and makes it easy to follow. The thing that I would focus on a little more is outlining how the assignments are gonna be graded to go along with the requirements.

                  • Nicholas Neuner
                    Nicholas Neuner


                    Right from the start your UPD has caught my attention with the journal entries. The value of journal writing in an English classroom has proven time after time to be significant in developing a person as a writer as well as developing their ideas. I wish I had stressed this in my own plan. The next thing I noticed was " Reading different styles of writing is important for growth as writers". This is undoubtedly true, and I we even argue that its essential to a person as a writer and simply themselves as a person in the grand scheme. Your assignments are unique and creative, and I like how they are interactive with the writing. The stagnant writing of the English classroom all to often deters the student. With that, I am curious as to whether or not you will assignment themes, have them create themes or extract it from text? I know this is more creative than analytical but themes still have a place in the realm of creative writing. "Why is our voice important?" is a profound question and can evolve into a theme easily. 

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