Turtle Block

I looked online for more tutorials and found some very interesting artistic designs. I learned to appreciate commands a lot more. Unlike the hokey pokey dance and us humans, we already start shaking a body part before the command is given. As for questions with Turtle Block, I think more tutorials would help.


    • Jeff Magliola
      Jeff Magliola

      Wow, really cool - love that you spelled your name! 

      • Alicia Gallagher
        Alicia Gallagher

        Last semester I had to program the mBot to write my name with a pen attached to it! This is exactly what can be used. You should try it out! 

        • Sachin Rochlani
          Sachin Rochlani

          Hi Guido, you did a great job with this! After I saw yours I went back to mine and spent some more time playing around with the program.

          • Guido Torres
            Guido Torres

            Thanks. I actually want to recreate that lake pass that Papert had going on in that YouTube video of his. That looks challenging.


            • Gerald Ardito
              Gerald Ardito


              This is terrific work!

              I had a student (9th grader) who once created an "action" for each letter, then asked the user to type in his/her name, and then wrote out the students' name. It was pretty cool.

              I also applaud your initiative in managing your own learning.

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            Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

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