Group Taylor, Nick, Olivia, Robert

Above is our group list on what it means to be a teacher. In addition to this list self-confidence is a necessary quality for a teacher. This is important as in order to believe in our students we must first believe in ourselves.

    • Taylor Bolger
      Taylor Bolger

      I think it's also worth adding that teachers shouldn't just be patient with students when it comes to allowing them to learn at a steady pace or handing in their assignments on time. It's also important that they don't charge headlong into every situation without taking the time to analyze it first. This includes making unfounded assumptions about what a student or class is capable of based on past experience alone.

      • Olivia Difusco
        Olivia Difusco

        Robert, Nick, Taylor and I discussed our list in a text messaging group chat. Some things that I feel should be mentioned in addition to what's already on the list are as followed:

        • If a teacher is patient, that means they are willing to listen to what each of their students when they have something to say about the subject they are teaching. Another example of a teacher being patient is when a group of students or student aren't quite comprehending the subject the teacher is teaching, but the teacher continues to show them various ways of understanding the lesson. Another obvious example of a teacher being patient is understanding children will be children and teens will be teens and sometimes they are chatty, but you must continue to be stern so they learn to listen and be quiet when needed. 
        • Insightful- If a teacher is insightful, they are providing the knowledge that they have of the course or subject they are teaching, to their students. In addition to sharing the knowledge they have, a great teacher will try to insight their students on some life values as well.
        • Charisma in a teacher is important because to have personality and to keep things fun is a way of obtaining and keeping your students focused on your lesson
        • Passionate is an important quality for a teacher to be because if a teacher isn't passionate about the subject they teach or their job in general, it is generally easy for the students to pick that up, and then if the teacher doesn't care much about their job, why should the students?
        • Well-Rounded is an important quality to have in order to be a superb teacher because if a teacher has other talents other than teaching, it's important to incorporate those skills and talents into their lessons to keep them interesting.
        • Tolerant- being tolerant of how every student learns and takes in information differently and as a teacher it's our jobs to adjust to each and every student's academic needs
        • Humble- nobody likes a teacher that is obnoxious and constantly bragging about what they have done in their life or material possessions.
        • Fair- Giving fair treatment to each and every student and not having any favorites in the class is important
        • Respectful- Try to understand every student's point of view and to listen to what the have to say. 
        • Mature- Know when its appropriate to talk to a student in front of a class or in private about a more serious manner.
        • Encouraging- do not mentally "beat up" a student for getting something wrong, instead try to teach them how to correct their mistakes and learn from their errors
        • Organized- try to keep your lessons for the day on track and finished. Set objectives before each class and try to reach those objectives.. as well as having a neat classroom.


        These are all what I think make for a great teacher, as I'm sure there's many other things to cover. 

        • Gerald Ardito
          Gerald Ardito

          Olivia, Robert, Taylor, and Nick,

          You have done an outstanding job with this.

          I look forward to our discussion tomorrow morning.

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