Chapter 1 - Manovich Response to Chapter 1 Reading

Chapter 1 - Manovich Response to Chapter 1 Reading
By Tee Williams

Kay conceived of “personal dynamic media” as a fundamentally new kind of media with a number historically unprecedented property such as the ability to hold all the user’s information, simulate all types of media within a single machine, and “involve the learner in a two-way conversation.

This information is a good piece of information because we as people use some type of technology device every day. Educators are constantly using computers to store student’s data and other important information. I know I rely on computers heavily during my daily work schedule. I have to read IEP –(Individualized Education Plan) concerning important information about student with special needs or may have special accommodations we have to follow.  I also have to update the e-school system with current information in IEP-Direct for all teachers to be able to receive the same data if needed. The E-School system is one of the things Kay is talking about, which is saving all the information and storing it in one computer system, which helps people be able to retrieve/update any information needed.  The two-way conversation Kay is talking about is when teachers are able to look into the same information and make changes to the system and I will be able to see the changes as well. Kay invention has benefited every one in society, especially the people who solely depends on technology for every day usage.  

Computer Science can be introduced to students by using these different technologies on an every day basic and letting students know we need their creativity. Classroom participation is a must when trying to have student think outside the norm. Having all this technology included inside the classroom can help teachers create a visual lesson plan to fit the student’s needs. Students are than able to work at their own pace by using computers, which will enhance their computer skills. Working in a classroom filled with students who have IEP’s, which are mixed in with the general education student can be challenging, but when we have computers that can store old/current information this helps keep track of each student performance level. We can than go back and look at the data from tests or assignments and see what areas the student my need help in.

In the reading on page 57 it states, “While some of the applications were programmed by members of Kay’s group, the users also included seventh-grade high-school students programmed others.”  This was Kay’s main focus to use different age people to help create the tools we can all use and understand. This was a brilliant idea because students will be able to be creative with the tools they helped programmed. This is where computer science plays an important factor because we want our students to be creative and help invent the future. Kay has quoted in the reading on page 55, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” If we as people have our hands in the future than we are able to control how to predict the future by using all the technology we have access to. This is a very short quote but has a very big meaning. People do make the work go round and we need our future to start off in a very creative way, which mean incorporating more hands on invention and open up our minds beyond what we think we can create.