Lesson Plan

    • Ann Lynch
      Ann Lynch


              Adolescent Program Lesson Plan




      Your Name: Ann Lynch




                       Unit Name:

              Ancient Greece

                       Course Name:

              ED 324

                       Lesson Number:


                       Length of Lesson:

              45  minutes


      What standard(s) are most relevant to the learning goals?




      Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grade 6 topics, texts, and issues, building on others' ideas and expressing their own clearly.












      Instructional Context


      What do you know about your students that will inform this lesson? How does this lesson connect with previous ones?  What are difficulties that you anticipate for students’ understandings of concepts and skills?




      This is a 6th grade mainstream classroom. The class is made up of 20 students, 11 girls and 9 boys. Two of the girls have IEPs and are classified as having other health impairment (OHI). Specifically, these students work better with visual aids including pictures, powerpoints, and videos. Previous lesson will have introduced the idea of Greek architecture including the most important design elements used to create these building/monuments. Students may have difficulties making the connections of Ancient Greek architecture to some of today’s Greek influenced landmarks.








      Disciplinary Rationale


      What is the central focus and purpose for the content you will teach in this lesson? What are some common errors or misunderstandings of students related to the central focus of the lesson?




      Central focus will be for students to identify and understand key components of Greek architecture and its influence to some examples of today’s creations.







      Theoretical Principles/and or Research-Based Practices


      Identify theories, course readings, or readings from professional journals that support your learning approach.




      Gardner’s Multi-Intelligence-Lesson will include several different types of multi-intelligences including visual and interpersonal.

      Brown, D. F., & Knowles, T. (2014). What every middle school teacher should know. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.







      Academic Language


      Identify the academic language function(s) in this lesson.


      Identify the content language (vocabulary) that students need to know to support learning in this lesson.


















      The Big Ideas




      Enduring Understanding

      What is the course or unit-level big idea / enduring understanding that this lesson helps students to understand?

      Essential Question

      What is the essential question for the lesson?

      How Ancient Greece has influenced the modern world.

      How has Ancient Greek architecture influenced some of America’s famous landmarks/buildings?








      How will you determine if students understand what the lesson’s essential question and objectives intend for them to understand?




      Learning Goals/ Objectives for This Lesson


      Students will be able to …

      Students will use visual aids to identify Greek architecture elements in some Ancient Greek and modern American buildings. Students will draw their own modern building using design from Greek architecture.



      How will you determine if these lesson goals and objectives have been met? 

      Informal-Through the independent assignment of asking students to draw/create their own modern day Ancient Greek influenced building.

      Specify the assessment, whether it is formal or informal, and any modifications so that all students can demonstrate learning.   














      What materials do you as the teacher need for this lesson?




      SMARTBOARD – for powerpoint





      What materials do students need for this lesson?











      Instructional Sequence




      Anticipatory Set/ Hook


      What will you do to engage students in developing understanding of the essential question and lesson objectives?




      Engage students through visual elements and encourage them to participate in identifying well known landmarks that students can make personal connections to.




      Instructional Strategies and Learning Tasks



      Instructional Strategy

      What will the teacher do?

      Learning Tasks

      What will students do?



      Students will look at several pictures of Ancient Greek architecture elements.


      Guided Practice/Activity

      Students will be asked to identify these Greek elements on several buildings.


      Independent Activity

      Students will be asked to draw and create their own Ancient Greek influenced building.









      Differentiation/ Planned Support


      How will you provide students access to learning based on individual and group needs?




      Through observations and check in with students to check for their understanding. By encouraging participation and questions. Giving visual aids to better support the students in understanding what is being taught.








      Analyzing Teaching and Learning


      If you taught all or part of the lesson, write an analysis of what you learned from the experience. If you did not teach it, reflect on the process of planning, what might not go as planned, and how you can make adjustments. Use the prompts below as a guide for your analysis.




      1.   How did you demonstrate respect, rapport with, and responsiveness to students with varied needs and backgrounds to challenge them to engage in learning?




      Verbal praise and listening to students questions. Encouraging participation and allowing for every student to have an opportunity to talk and participate.





      2. How did your instruction support learning for the whole class and students who need greater support or challenge?




      Visual aids and verbal discussion. Allowing the students to write their questions as well as have the opportunity to express their understanding through drawing as well.





      3. What changes would you make to better support students learning of the central focus? Why do you think these changes would improve student learning?  Use research and theory with your explanation of evidence of student learning.




      I would have used more examples of North American buildings influenced by Ancient Greece’s architecture and had more of a discussion of why this influence has been so powerful. It would give them a greater understanding of the reach Ancient Greece has had over hundreds of years.

      If given more time I would have put students into small homogeneous groups and differentiated by requirements for each group. This would have lead to appropriate higher thinking for each group.


      Olmstead, Joseph A. Small-Group Instruction: Theory and Practice. Human Resources Research Organization, Alexandria, Va. 74 129p.




      4. If you actually taught the lesson, given what you learned from your assessment, what would be your next steps for instruction? 




      Challenging the students with more elements of Greek architecture and allowing them to independently find its influence in American architecture.









      Attachments [2] 


      Include the following documents with this lesson plan. You may either cut and paste to the bottom of THIS document or include as separate files. Be sure to provide citations for all sources used.




            Student- Facing Materials (worksheets, powerpoint slides, rubrics, etc.)


            Be sure to provide citations for all sources used. Citations may be noted within the lesson plan above.





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      • Gerald Ardito
        Gerald Ardito


        I think the lesson plan is a solid one. As I see you saying in your reflection, I believe that you would have made changes based on doing this work with actual students.

        My biggest suggestion (and I think I mentioned in class) is that you work to open up the activity, rather than having students all doing the same work at the same time. You could, for example, ask them to design a building that made use of two or more of key elements you have highlighted and then defend/explain their decisions.

        I appreciate your stretching yourself outside of your normal teaching areas.