Flower Arranging for Fun and Frolic

    • Kendall Stevenson
      Kendall Stevenson

      I like the way you laid out your lesson plan, I thought it was well organized. The only thing is that I couldn't veiw the video.  

      • Susan Granata
        Susan Granata

        Thanks Kendall! I'll upload the video to Vimeo and re-share it. Thank you for the feedback!

        • Gerald Ardito
          Gerald Ardito


          This is really, really well done.I look forward to episode 2.

          I was interested to see how you combined media: the video (obviously), textual reinforcement, video speeds, and the more formal title cards (especially the one thanking your favorite husband). I am curious to learn how you made decisions about each of these elements.

          • Michelle Raspanti
            Michelle Raspanti


            I am very impressed with the full-blown course that you have created! I have never used webquest, but this set up has it all. Furthermore, I have always wanted to know more about flowers, their season, and arranging! The thought crosses my mind to learn more about flowers often, and every time I sit down to do some research, I lose steam very quickly. Your webpage allowed me to get organized and actually do something!

            You give very clear instructions, you provided an array of sources, and you have even provided the learner with a template by which to model their work. In completing this fun and interesting task of researching flowers, the learner is committing flowers and flower traits to memory. You provide a rubric, so students know exactly what level of work they are completing. And, you provide space for feedback, so if students want to make suggestions to you, they may easily do so. Your webpage taught me how to create a teaching platform clear, manageable, and gives the learner the keys to success!