• Kendall Stevenson
      Kendall Stevenson

      I feel your pain, I to had some of the same problems. What I ended up doing, was contacting the IT department in China :). well as it turns out, there are ALOT bugs in the App/programing. I find that it works much better with a Samsung tablet, but, you can only use the create feature to use all of the blocks. There is a problem with 7-3 challenge, no matter what you do, the program will not allow you to (win) move on and open another set of blocks.   

      • Gerald Ardito
        Gerald Ardito


        I really appreciate the care you brought to your robotics work and reflection/debrief.

        You are now the record holder for the most amount of pain endured during the robotics unit in this course. Congratulations are in order, I guess.

        Thanks for hanging in there.


      Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2019

      Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2019

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