CRaoul Week 6

Author Erin Washborn states that the CCSS require teachers to balance the use of informational and narrative texts for literacy-related instruction. There is also the expectation that students are engaged in text-centered classroom discussion and argument- based writing. What was done in the past is no longer relevant today as writing has become more of an expanded feature in all content areas. Writing is included in all subject areas as a method of explanation and higher ordered thinking. Its not only just reading out of a text. More instruction occurs and assessment based on writing responses and reading comprehension.Applebee states in his article that the current snapshot of writing instruction looks quite different from the picture that emerged in 1979–80. In 1979–80, students were typically provided with a question to be answered in a page or less, with instruction taking place after the fact, in the comments and responses that teachers offered on completed work. Writingis something that my school does every day and is our instructional focus. Writing is something that my students uses as a mean of expression. They use writing as a process. My school uses the writing continuum. The writing continuum is a breakdown of the stages of writing that our students progress through as they become writers. Writing to learn differs from learning to write because the writing produced is process piece that will undergo multiple changes resulting in a published document. My students have grown to love the writing everyday process and have developed new skills each day that we write. Many of my students are making topic selections as writing doesn’t only me pencil to paper but like I mentioned before it is a process. My students at the end of the process, they get to have a publishing party and they are able to share their work and provide meaningful feedback to each other work.

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