How does meaning of "evidence both shift and remain the same? What it means to make evidence based claims..

Media Literacy Education requires active inquiry and critical thinking about the messages we receive and create” (p. 3). The National Association for Media Literacy Education (2007) In this view, students must understand that “each medium has different characteristics, strengths, and a unique ‘language’ of construction” (p. 3). To launch such inquiry, each text offers chances to work with Common Core standards around informational text, such as identifying author’s purpose and determining central ideas. In addition, students would be asked to record personal reactions to each text and to make some predictions about issues other readers might raise in their comments. The latter task would allow them to consider multiple perspectives on the texts at the same time as they engage in the kind of close reading highly valued by both CCSS (Hinchman & Moore, 2013) Although this is something highly valued by CCSS it actually works in my classroom. Critical thinking and active inquiry give students the baseline to think for themselves, think of what and how others view the topic and provide textual evidence. Shift calls for a better balance between informational and literary texts. Another Shift calls for greater emphasis in student writing on the use of documenting evidence from resources to inform or make a justifiable argument. Students do this daily by way of reading a text and answering a 2-point response in relation to the text.

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      You raise good points in this response, but I do not see references to all the readings.

      Am I missing something?

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