Week 5

A poster is a visual medium, and thus design matters. However, the most memorable posters are those in which the design and content work together in creative and thoughtful ways. (Dalton, Love that Book) I found this article to be most powerful because it certainly covers the three areas that was suggested we pay keen attention to. (1) Demands in content area, (2) Equity, (3) Students with different capabilities and needs. This article nicely brings to life how “[An illustrated letter] puts students in the role of generating text...and provides them with an emotional link to events in history.” For myself reading the letter of the civil war soldier was very emotional. In my classroom students creating posters bring equity, and students with different capabilities are able to demonstrate their strengths. If this letter from the soldier was heard by students by way of multimodal with music, sound effects and a young man voice speaking the letter to his mother… that would be awe inspiring. In this way students would enjoy reading. In my classroom students enjoy making posters because it brings to life what they are creating and the topic they are learning. But imagine bringing multimodal in the classroom. Students grades would reach higher heights. To begin integrating multimodal response into your curriculum, we recommend that you start with a favorite book and then select a multimodal response activity that makes sense for that text. (Dalton, Love that Book)

Some teachers wonder if students who struggle with reading a text may be suffering from lack of phonics. Perhaps but, the article “How Smart Readers Think”, encourages that good readers have a repertoire of thinking strategies. Therefore, reading is not just reading words. There’s visualization, connections, recall, evaluations, inferences and questions. Developing multimodal posters in the classroom would benefit students and they would enjoy it all well. They would design the look, write the text record audio, import sounds and music. 

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      You did a really nice job with this response.

      I was very interested in your focus on developing a practice of multimodal responses.

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