3 Questions about a certain Topic.

The varying effects of prescription drug use in America.  

1. What are the long term and short term effects of mass use of prescribed drugs on the majority of the population in the United States?

2. Do the side effects of prescription drugs give symptoms that eventually lead to overuse/abuse of these drugs?

etc. If you take Sertraline to treat one condition, will it lead a chemical reaction to the body that forces addiction or use of another similar prescription, creating a negative cycle of destruction?

3. Are the pharmaceutical companies and doctors responsibly giving out these prescription drugs?  Do they highlight the side effects and risks of usage, as well as the properly researched usages of those drugs?

    • Tien Yin  Lee

      By Tien Yin Lee

      1. Yet to be unknown, not enough research/data.

      2. Possibly.

      3. It could be a possible.  


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