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Thanks to the committee that created the lesson plan template.  I am sure it was not an easy job.  I did not sit on the committee so it may be that there is a reason that there was no box for assessment. I wonder if that is why my teaching fellow did not include it in her lesson plan. 

I have also suggested that my teachers write down, in the instructional sequence,  one or two higher order thinking questions they would like to get to in the lesson.  This also aligns with our formative assessment.

    • Barry Amper

      By Barry Amper

      Hi Judith.  I thank you personally and on behalf of the rest of the committee for your compliments.  There actually is a box for assessment:  It is shadowed in gray (Assessments) and it is part of the learning goals/objectives box.  The specific question is 'how will you determine if these lesson goals and objectives have been met?  Specify the assessment, whether it is informal or formal, and any modifications so that all students can demonstrate learning.'  It is also asked for again in the instructional sequence box asking for accommodations and supports.  If you do not see this on the lesson plan, let me know.

      I also agree that the questions be included as part of the lesson.  It is also part of the lesson plan in the directions about completing the Instructional Sequence.  Again, if you do not see this in the lesson, please let me know.

      • Toby Marxuach-Gusciora

        By Toby Marxuach-Gusciora

        This template  helps the teachers to write a plan with more detail and thought. It also leads them to reflect on their lesson.


        • Valerie Joseph

          By Valerie Joseph

          The newly created lesson plan template will better prepare students for the EdTPA. I agree with Judith on the importance of recommending to students to include questions in their lesson plan that they will ask during the lesson.  A good resource to use to assist students in developing questions at varied levels of cognition is the Dept. of Ed.'s Depth of Knowledge (similar to Bloom's Taxonomy).

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