When CS in Education Historians Collide


Too often in education, we find ourselves looking for THE answer.

This bookmark is a portal into a debate between two historians of CS in Education, Brian Dear and Joy Lisi Rankin.

Please read this article and the ones to which it refers.

Here is Dear's description of the sequence (with links):

This article is a response to certain portions of an essay by Dr. Joy Lisi Rankin posted 28 November 2018 here on Medium. Consider her essay the tip of the iceberg. Consider what follows to be the rest of the iceberg, the part the oceans conceal: the long-promised Part II sequel to my original 22 May 2017 Medium article on Dr. Rankin’s March 2017 conference presentation on the PLATO computer system. If you’ve never read my original 2017 article none of what follows will make sense. I suggest you find a comfortable chair, read my original article first (including watching the 20-minute presentation in the video that opens that article), then read Dr. Rankin’s new essay if you haven’t read that already, and then continue with what follows below. Make sure you have plenty of food and drink.


Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2019

Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2019

Here is the online home for CS for Teachers at Pace University for Spring 2019.