Invisibilia Podcast from NPR - How to Become Batman

This is the episode of the excellent NPR podcast "Invisibilia" which addresses the very real power of expectations.


    • Sukh Singh
      Sukh Singh

      Expectations can really make or break the reality of how we see our students. These expectations can be blamed on preconceived notions we have of someone due to the social constructs of our society. You should never judge a book by its cover is the old cliché saying, however, people judge others based on race, appearance, and class on a daily basis. This actually is detrimental to development because it puts people in a box that can be hard to break out of. Instead, focusing on their strengths and pushing them to go outside their comfort zone can yield more productive results. In case of the blind man, he has abilities that “seeing” people do not. Able bodied people can view that as a disability but he is still able to do things such as ride a bike. That is truly incredible and exceeds expectations people have for blindness. Minorities who come from low income families are viewed as being less intelligent and not able to perform at the level of those who are more privileged. Many times, this has been proven false by those people who are looked at with low expectations. As a future educator it is important to make sure every student should be held to high standards regardless of their social economic status or race.    

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