Cross Cutting Literacy into Different Subject Areas

2) This is an inspiring video that discusses how Eminem has established himself in hip-hop and pop culture by linguistically out maneuvering everyone. This segment from 60 Minutes has Eminem talking about his life and his art. As educators you might be interested in the way he talks about writing, rhyming, and English class (it can just as easily be science, math, or social studies).


3) As educators we are always learning, not just in school (during our masters) but in the classroom as well. Over the 1st year I learned many techniques to accommodate and differentiate for ENL learners. In the video Eminem makes the comment that if you take the word orange at face value you can’t rhyme it with anything but if you annunciate it with more than one syllable then you can. He mentions you have to figure out the “SCIENCE” behind breaking down words. Despite Eminem not having a strong science background and his love for English, in his own way he developed a tool that crossed both subjects together implementing English and Science. This introduces my moment as a learner through literacy. Although Eminem’s learning of English wasn’t conventional, nevertheless it still was a method that worked for him. This makes a point that even though most of my students spoke different languages; I learned that there are many methods to teach students. In the classroom I experienced that encouraging my students to use their own methods to learn a language even if it is not the way we want it to be taught, helps them with learning key academic vocabulary and content easier. To my surprise they integrated different subjects within their learning like Eminem has done. Who are we to say what works for us is suppose to work for someone else? My students are growing and having them expand their thinking and come up with their own methodology to learn a language is not only spectacular but innovative. As an educator I encouraged my students to build off their strengths, even if that strength isn’t the subject we teach. We all know learning a language isn’t easy, especially reading scientific articles that aren’t in your native language, but through literary with proper scaffolds and differentiation, it can be. You just have to be able to open your mind to new ideas.

4) Writing in general isn’t my forte but what helps me is outlining my essay. Knowing the main idea of each paragraph I am going to write allows me to gather my thoughts. Focusing on one paragraph at a time reduces less stress for me because before I know it, one paragraph after another eventually creates a whole essay.