Teaching Kids To Code Is The New Teaching Kids Spanish


What is your opinion? As a Spanish teacher interested in technology, I am curious to hear different viewpoints!

    • Susan Granata
      Susan Granata

      Considering that computer programming is a new language - especially if you're learning C# or Java, I think that using foreign language credits to engage more students in computer science would be a great idea. An AP course could be programming in another language! 

      Seriously, though, there are only so many hours in a school day, and trying to squeeze in all the required courses plus electives to round out a HS diploma is difficult. I don't think programming should fully replace a Foreign Language credit, because I think learning a foreign language and culture is so important to child development. However, I think the option of using computer science as half of the required foreign language credits would be a great idea.

      • Jeff Magliola
        Jeff Magliola

        I would agree that programming should most definitely not replace a foreign language credit!  My lack of foreign language credits has been haunting me to this day! 

      Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

      Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

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