Teachers Change Lives


This article is one of the main reasons I would like to become a teacher. With goals to become a future educator, I plan to be a teacher that forms relationships with my students. Like my sister, I almost would like to work in an under-privileged school, even though it may be a lot tougher. I want to teach them, give them a support system, and encourage them, something they may not get outside of the classroom. As the article says, it is important that a teacher never gives up on his or her students, and show them that they will succeed in the classroom. I hope that this success translates to their outside lives. I want to build such a bond with a student so they feel comfortable enough to talk to me with things, and I can give them that extra push they need to get past it, or give them that extra push for those couple of points to increase their grades. I agree with the articles three key components a teacher needs to provide, which is a fun and interesting education, inspiration, and guidance. I think those are important ideas teachers need to communicate to their students.