The Myth "I'm Bad at Math"

I found this article to be extremely interesting. It talks about how there are so many students these days who just assume that they "aren't math people," and give up extremely easily. There has been a shift in the level of effort in middle school and high school students in recents years, particularly in their math classes, and a majority of the problem is the level of effort. 

With these many students assuming that they will never be good at math, they are closing the door to so many potential career opportunities, and this could actually change their entire future. It is important for these students to keep their options open, and not shut down just because they don't like or understand certain things about math. Hard work, preparation, and confidence are all more than enough for anybody to grasp the many concepts that math, in middle school and high school, have to offer.

    • Jaclyn Dellisanti
      Jaclyn Dellisanti

      This is actually very relevant to me, because basically my whole life i considered myself "not a math person." It's not that I didn't give effort, I just never proved to have math be m strongest subject year after year. For younger children, I agree, they can't be so close minded about math. If a student closes the door so quickly to this, who know what other opportunities they will shut the door on so fast and miss out on. With a little hard work and confidence, it can change they're whole perspective on the  subject, and possibly other things they might have shut out right away. 

      • Gerald Ardito
        Gerald Ardito


        Thanks for sharing this article. It is a really interesting phenomenon. Rarely, if ever, will people say they are not good at or afraid of reading, but very commonly I have heard people admit publicly and almost proudly that they are not good at math. 

        I look forward to reading this article.



        I am glad that you connected with this article.