Infants make more attempts to achieve a goal when they see adults persist

Potentially interesting study about how adults shape young people.

This commentary is, to me, far more interesting.

    • Carmel Joseph Yapp
      Carmel Joseph Yapp

      I agree with you that the commentary holds way more value to me than the article. I am not sure if I would have needed to read the entire article, but from what I gathered from the abstract; the accessible part to us, it seemed oversimplified and definitely not the concept of what I have grit to be. 

      • Gerald Ardito
        Gerald Ardito


        Thanks for your comment. It seems that so often research (particularly that reported on in the popular press) leans on the easy sound bite types of results instead of the chunkier, messier parts that happen in real life.

        • ChristineRemy

          Very interesting article however, I would like to see farther research done on effort condition with more infants.

          • NorkelisCruz

            I agree and disagree , I think more research on infants can change the results discussed in this article. Having my 7 month old son I can defenitly see him copying some actions we do but it also has to do with interest because im pretty sure potty training would be a easier process if infants were to always try to achieve a goal after adults do it

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