The Best Language for Math Confusing English Number Words Are Linked to Weaker Skills

I know that none of us are math teachers, but I thought you might find this article interesting.

It focuses on engagement (without calling it that) and motivation. It will be interesting to see what you think.


    • Alexa Tanglis
      Alexa Tanglis

      This is interesting. I'm curious, however, how they actually studied this.  They tested a few speakers in these countries and their numeracy, however, what was there level in the language and their familiarity with it.  I'm curious about the English speaking canadian children in the test, were all of them native English speakers or ELL learners? How about the students in Turkey? Is turkish their native language? A lot of these countries are much more homogenous than Canada, and I'm really curious how this may have played in to their study, and if they looked in to how this may impact their results.

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