Presentation - Letting Go

Dron & Anderson (2014) Cooperative Freedoms

This is the slideshow from a presentation entitled "Letting Go" by e learning researcher (and a colleague of mine) Jon Dron.

Dron's work is very relevant to our discussion of how people learn. I suggest you note the diagrams depicting his extension of Paulsen's Cooperative Freedoms (also well worth exploring).

    • Jenelle Dyer
      Jenelle Dyer

      I would love to hear what else was said with this presentation. However, just looking through the slides have made me question myself and my effectiveness in the classroom. How do I challenge and motivate my students? I am not sure that I know the answer to that question. How do you motivate students who don't believe in their own capabilities? 

    ED 644 Fall 2016

    ED 644 Fall 2016

    This is where we will work together to learn to teach Science to adolescents.