What Good Feedback Really Looks Like


A short article from the Harvard Business Review on feedback. While this focuses on feedback in the workplace, it seemed relevant to our goals as educators as well.

    • Kevin Walker
      Kevin Walker

      The art of writing feedback that is non-judgmental and beneficial is a skill that teachers should continuously improve. The ages of the students that I teach are very self-conscious, so it is essential to make sure when I do give feedback, it does not come across as a personal or judgmental statement. The article also spoke about the fact giving negative feedback can defeat the purpose of the feedback. The example that provided is a great one; it states the problem and explains why it is a problem, all without any judgemental statements. I do agree with the concept of asking probing questions as feedback, as this allows the students to reflect on their work.

      • Gerald Ardito
        Gerald Ardito


        Thanks for such a thoughtful response.

        • Jing Zhu
          Jing Zhu

          This article is very insightful and inspiring. While both positive and negative feedback are beneficial, how to perform them in a effective way is something teachers should pay attention. I agree that affirmative attitude can better support students. Students’ confidence on learning, self-belief in themselves are influenced by teachers’ attitude. Carnegie (Carnegie, 1936) suggests that criticisms or condemnation is not an effective way. As the article mentioned, “effective criticism needs to be delivered with respect and care”. Besides, students will feel safe and not be afraid of or dis-encouraged. This positive attitude can also help them build up confidence and enthusiasm and become more motivated. Motivation is an important driving force in doing many things. Furthermore, I strongly agree that comparing to telling someone how to fix a problem, asking inspiring questions that can stimulate exploration and experimentation is a much better way.

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