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    • Skyler Metviner
      Skyler Metviner

      Here I examined just the math scores from my data collection. Here we see the highest and lowest economically disadvantaged math scores. According to the data, 3rd grade math scored the lowest and many 6th grade maths score much higher. If I had to make an assumption as to why this occurs, I would relate it back to the problems that economically disadvantaged students face (as discussed in my report). If a 3rd grade student's parents work long hours or if the student lives somewhere a bus won't be able to pick them up, they have no way of getting to school. Now, as a 6th grader, they might be able to walk to school or take a subway to get to school, since they are older. 

    Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2019

    Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2019

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