Unit 2 Code is Poetry ~ Link to twine project

    • Susan Granata
      Susan Granata

      What a great use of Twine, and what great animations and pictures! I took your quiz, and got Jordan Baker!

      I really enjoyed your application of this software to your students, and I agree with you - they would love to complete this survey, especially the girls, in my opinion.

      Great work, thanks for sharing!

      • Jacqueline Coughlin
        Jacqueline Coughlin

        Thank you, Susan! I appreciate this so much. Not my expertise--but I really had fun with it!!

        • Gerald Ardito
          Gerald Ardito


          This was a terrific use of Twine. I never expected to be connected with Jay Gatsby, so that was a nice surprise.

          Did you present this quiz to your students? What were their reactions?

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