I actually really enjoyed all aspects of this learning experience, criticism included. I had the opportunity to take another week to alter my project, which was absolutely beneficial. I added a slideshow, whereas my original didn't have one. This allowed me to provide background knowledge without simply going straight into my activity. I believe this helped not only the length of my presentation, but the student’s level of understanding too. After my presentation, Dr. Ardito have very valuable suggestions for the ways I could’ve formed it. I wish I had taken some of his suggestions prior because I believe they would’ve been extremely beneficial, however that is all I’d change. 

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      I appreciate how much you have embraced this reflection.

      I also enjoyed getting a sense of your process in putting together your learning experience. 

      Lastly, I am glad you found the feedback beneficial.

    TCH 215 Spring 2019

    TCH 215 Spring 2019

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