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I honestly did not know where to tart when it came to designing a learning experience. When I was in high school I don’t remember doing any activity that was particularly engaging when it came to math. I think when we were younger there was more of a push for hands on activities. Then all of a sudden I hit 4th grade and they scared us telling us how serious school is, sat in rows and never really had fun. I felt like it was difficult for me to design an activity that would also be enriching for high school students. So first I had to think about what subject of math would be 9th or 10th grade. So I chose geometry. Now thinking of a key concept that I can just drop the whole class in without being too confusing…


    I was at first gonna do a parallel line cut by a transversal. Like defined under Euclidean Geometry, a transversal is a line that intersects with two lines. I was going to go into like corresponding angles, alternate interior, alternate exterior, vertical angles, supplementary angles… Yeah it seemed like a lot when I first thought of it so I decided to just narrow it down. Especially because then I would have to define a lot of different words. It is supposed to be a short little activity so narrowing it down was a must. So Instead of focusing on all the vocabulary I wanted to go over, I decided to think of an activity that involved angles.


    So how do we engage students? I feel like in general if we can make activities centered around the students lives. I mean, teenagers love thinking about themselves. So what do we all have in common but is still special to each person? Names!! I talk a lot about names and meanings, and I’m still a teenager so I decided great, Angles and names, sounds great. One problem I felt that I faced was Felt like the lesson was way too easy for 9th and 10th grade. Something that we talk a lot about is the expectations we have for our students. I did not want to make it too easy but I think I was just insecure about my activity because of how childish I felt it was due to what I mentioned in the first paragraph. 


    When presenting my learning experience, I was more worried about the actual content than presenting to the class. I have been performing my whole life, usually its violin and other stuff like that but I have gotten good at presenting and performing. Obviously the biggest fear of mine was students not understanding the content I was trying to relay. But I think everyone got it, which made me very happy. Go me!

TCH 215 Spring 2019

TCH 215 Spring 2019

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