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I presented my learning experience and i feel that it went really well. My experience was on the the causes of the first world war mainly about the alliance system. I attempted to separate the class in 3 groups but since we had 4 i had to improvise. The 4rth group was not part of the plan so i had to make an extra country to be involved in this experience. i gave each group a card and made them a country and on the back of each card it said the following soldiers, money, medical, food/goods, weapons and tanks/ airplanes. except one group was to be given a card that said armored train. I had also made other cards that said soldeirs x 4, medical x 5, weapons 20% etc. Both groups would have a set number of these items and it was there job to convince the country with the armored train to join thier side. The main idea of this experience was to explain the alliance system and how at the eve of the first world war main countries were scrambeling to pick sides. But since i had a fourth group i had to improvise on how to incorporate them into the experience. but in the end they ended up doing nothing which was a big mistake and i feel that next time i should have something prepared for an extra group.

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      I think you did a nice job converting what could have been a very straightforward lesson into the beginnings of a learning experience.

      Going forward, I suggest you focus on what is fundamental about the topic you are wanting to engage with and create an experience that the students can have that bring them powerfully and experientially into that topic.

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