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The process of designing my learning experience I found difficult. I spent so much time trying to figure out an idea that I can show in 3-5 minutes. I feel like in biology you can spend a really long time trying to explain one idea. My original lesson was to do genetics, but I found it hard to find a place to start my lesson without going over in time, I felt like I had to keep adding things to say which would’ve made my lesson less engaging. I wanted to make my lesson simple enough for people first being introduced to biology so I thought back to my first biology class and remembered learning about Darwin and evolution. Once I finally decided on an idea to teach, I went over a bunch of information of the topic to try and find a piece I could make engaging in a classroom, which led me to pick natural selection.  I figured that making the class a population and giving some a disadvantage would really show natural selection.

I think my idea was good, but I think for the actual presentation I could’ve done some things differently. Instead of explaining natural selection first, I could’ve had everyone do the activity and then explain to them natural selection after. This could have had students think about what they were doing and try to get to what natural selection was themselves. I also wish, I explained a little more in depth my lesson I feel like what I did was a broad idea. If there was more time, I could have changed some of the disadvantages like not tell everyone how they had to take out the gummy bears; or do something like have different people be at different disadvantages. I thought overall this assignment was really helpful, since it was my first time teaching a lesson, I can reflect back on things I did well on as well as things I can improve.

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      I really appreciate that you were thorough and thoughtful in your reflection. It leads me to believe that you really "got" the intended outcome for this assignment.

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