Week 6

Prior to reading the two pieces, I was aware of the types of learners that exist. Visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. All these learners respond to their type of learning. I myself, have always been a reading/writing learner. Which is why class sometimes feels boring to me. I learn my very best by putting my face to a book, or pen to a paper, and obtaining the information myself. 

As a future teacher, I will do my very best to apply all methods into types of learners into my classroom. Many of my students, I'm sure, will be visual learners. Therefor I will complete many powerpoints where they are able to see the material right in front of them. I'm sure I will also have plenty of hands-on learners, for them I can incorporate in class and out of class projects with material, as they learn by doing. 

To the main point of the article, and the ever so lagging topic, technology. This is a topic I have always struggled with my opinion on. I know myself as a child, and I know if I was given a computer, I was doing anything but the assignment. I understand where people are coming from in the fact that technology is something that interests kids, so it could potentially benefit their learning. It may be an old fashioned belief, but I just simply think some things need to remain separate. My best learning, and greatest focus, as a child, occurred when technology was not a factor. Today, I did fieldwork at Pocantico Hills Elementary school. The first thing I thought of after spending some time there, was how amazing it was that not one kid picked up their phones. I'm sure this was due to rules and regulations, but I saw passionate learning, and genuine interactions between kids. I believe as future educators, or at least for myself, striving to show children what life without technology is like will be beneficial. Of course it does exist in everyday life, and they will need to have skills such as Excel and Microsoft word for future jobs, but in my opinion, we should leave that to computer class.

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