Unit 2 - Code is Poetry, Week 1 and 1.5

I have been exploring this great program called "Processing", now on version 3, which is an opensource coding program that encourages the use of technology to create art. A lot of the coding in this program is reminiscent of javascript, with functions, voids, and variables. It has been fun so far, and satisfying to see the pictures develop, even if they're not quite what I expected them to be. 

So far, I've drawn a house. Then I created a function to draw the house for me. Then I created a new program that drew the neighborhood by calling on three different house functions. I would like to take the time to create variables that would then have the program draw houses randomly when the mouse clicks. Almost the way in Minecraft you can place a block here or remove one there. that will take some more time and learning but I feel like I am getting closer. Here are the pics of the house and neighborhood!

Single HouseNeighborhood!

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