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Having the opportunity to play with the Turtle was fun, as it has been almost a year since my last go-around. I have found some changes have occurred since the last time I played with this program - it seems as if the block programming has been simplified and re-sorted to make it easier to navigate and find the blocks you need to make your program run.

I decided to make a "paint" program that would allow the user to control where the turtle drew a shape or had free draw. I took advantage of the cartesian grid and had the turtle do one shape if the mouse y-value was greater than 0, and a different shape is the mouse X-value was greater than 0. This left one cartesian corner where the user can free draw.

I have discovered I am still terrible at drawing with a mousepad on a laptop, but that is a self portrait in the lower left quadrant, and it's happy to see you.Cartesian Grid Paintcode for cartesian paint program

    • Alicia Gallagher
      Alicia Gallagher

      Hi Suzie! I noticed the changes too and thought they were simplified as well. It could help my beginning readers in K :) 

      I think you are an excellent artist! 


      • Susan Granata
        Susan Granata

        No offense Alicia - but you're used to seeing kindergarten drawings:) LOL! I'm good for that level! I feel so bad for my poor students when we are sketching for engineering and I'm drawing stick figures and they're shading wheels and creating contours in their cars. 

        • Gerald Ardito
          Gerald Ardito


          That is hysterical.

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        Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2019

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