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Attached is a picture of my turtle block running in different square shapes. I have never used turtle blocks before so it was pretty interesting. I tried it a few times and all the time I wondered what is the point of this? How can this be taught in a way students can understand? How can this be incorporated in the classroom? What kind of lesson could this software be used for?

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      You have asked really good questions here.

      What do you think? How and why might you use TurtleBlocks in your classroom?

      • Susan Granata
        Susan Granata

        Hey Toni,

        I love your design! great work! You ask some very interesting questions, and the answers rely on what subject you teach and how posed you are to implement technology in the classroom not only as a tool for learning for for exploration, as well.

        If you teach elementary school, turtle is a great way to teach students sequencing or as a follow up to ordinal numbers. There are often connections with literacy - first, next, last are transition words we use and encourage our students to incorporate in elementary school as they expand their writing skills. This could be a tie in to the turtle, in that you're teaching students that first, the turtle has to be somewhere. Then ask, where does the turtle go? It helps students to visually create a story in a new medium that forces them to look at the sequence of events as they MUST happen to create the whole picture. As students get older, these lesson can become more complex - such as incorporating if/then statements, logical processing, etc. There's always a way to tie it in. 

        The more obvious connection of Turtle to Classroom is of course, the mathematical aspect. Teaching angles in geometry becomes much easier when the students can instruct the turtle to draw the angle for them, and create a visual for their mathematical processing skills.


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