Gallagher Turtle Blocks Unit 1

This week I was excited to explore Turtle Blocks again. When I explored it in the past I remember it looking like a foreign language to me. I am happy to feel more confident with programming in Turtle Blocks and thought about how it could be used in my classroom with my students. Being a kindergarten teacher, many students come in at various levels. I always try to think of new ways to challenge my students who come into kindergarten already knowing their letter names and letter sounds. I thought about having them program the turtle to create the letters in this program. Attached you will find the formation of letter L and N. My next challenge for myself would be to write my name using turtle. I was able to do it on my mBOT but for some reason I had such a hard time figuring it out here! I guess that is my next challenge! imageimage

    • Susan Granata
      Susan Granata

      Good idea to write your name! I think that this new iteration of turtle seems easier to use than the last time we used it, or perhaps we just are that advanced that we are able to manipulate the code better. I remember struggling last year with this program, but feel it's much easier now!

      • Gerald Ardito
        Gerald Ardito

        Alicia and Suzie,

        Python has a library called "Turtle" which lets you do this kind of work with text based coding (the two of you will be playing with this in the next unit.

        I had a high school student once created a "dictionary" of each letter of the alphabet (both upper and lower cases) and then wrote a program which asked the user for his/her name and then drew it out. It was a lot of work but really, really cool. 

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