What is Papert saying? Papert is saying that computer literacy is just as important as all of  the other learning elements in the classroom.He places much emphasis on independent learners which can ultimately benefit students, teachers and the schools overall. He speaks to the idea that the school could benefit from this because for example one benefit is that maybe a school could increase class sizes due to the autonomy of computers being used as a big learning tool.    In Mindstorms, he argues that learning the language of the computer is just as doable as learning another language which children happen to do very often. He believes that without such organized instruction and more emphasis on learning outside of the classroom using technology, there would be little to no need for schools at all .

What resonates with you and why? One of the things that resonated with me the most was Papert saying that there is a difference between what computers can do and what society chooses to do with them. It resonated with me because I believe that to be a true fact. Most people don’t know how or what to do with or on a computer so we don’t know or understand its capabilities. We cannot successfully take advantage, or learn anything if we simply cannot work it. If we work it, it will work for us.

What questions do you have? One question I have is, does Papert think that from the time kids learn to speak that they could and should be able to use technology to further their education instead of going to a physical school? How can schools adapt to the level of independence that Papert mentions kids should have when using technology?

How would you incorporate his  ideas into your work as a teacher?

 In Valhalla where I Do my student teaching they have a separate period in each day for PBL. With some of the things Papert says about incorporating technology as it’s own separate way of learning students can learn a lot more by doing that, as opposed to having limited freedoms to work with technology due to the organized structure of the curriculum and or the schools lesson plans for that day. I think by doing this and also challenging students and parents to get more involved with the technology that has proven to be beneficial to people of all ages and has many advantages as far as advancing students education and knowledge students will become independent learners and thinkers and not totally reliant on the knowledge of one professional standing before them. I would also agree that informing and getting the parents involved, providing some research, collect some data and getting parents to help advocate for good computers in schools, getting the budget for it, or even providing good quality computers at home and create a comfortable environment at home where students can feel free to have access to much needed information  at any time.

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