Week 12

I currently teach at a career and technical school, so my stance on this topic comes from a technology perspective. In our school using computers and apps is very high on the list of things that administration would like to see in classrooms. We also have a CTE program such as multimedia and a computer systems program. I’ve always been an advocate for anything technologically based, because there is a shift in society to incorporate technology into not just everyday life but the workplace as well. In order to help set up our students to be career and college ready, giving them the additional skill of coding can help give them a “leg up” for future endeavors. I never saw coding as a type of literacy before this assignment, but after reading it makes sense how it can be classified as a type of literacy. Vee states that “definitions of literacy must shift to accommodate this new form of digital writing.” As a science teacher, we do a lot of projects that require step by step details and reading of instructions, whereas coding is creating those step by step instructions. This is a new way of looking at instructions and if you can create instructions then it will help learn to follow/understand instructions.


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