Coding Week 12

I strongly believe coding should be taught in schools like other literacies. Coding is another language in itself and with this new era of technology at our fingertips, eventually learning to code will become a necessity. In the article Understanding Computer Programming as a Literary by Annette Vee, she states, computational literacy helps us understand the social, technical and cultural dynamics of programming while developing our concept of structure in the 21st century.(Vee, 10) Technology is all around us and its popularity continues to expand. While this expansion continues so does the continuous need to grow with it as well. In order to grow, we need to be able to adapt to this new language of coding by building a foundation. That foundation starts in the classroom. In the article Computational Participation: Understanding Coding as an Extension of Literacy Instruction by Quinn Burke, he highlights adolescents need to understand algorithmic decision making to process the digital world(Burke, 374) The decision making that comes with coding creates a positive impact on our students. It gives them opportunities for critical thinking and collaborative problem solving skills that eventually can be used for future careers given they build off their interest in coding. It becomes a way for students to effectively express their knowledge of information with computers. Finally in the article We, Robot, Using Robotics to Promote Collaborative and Mathematics Learning in a Middle School Classroom by Dr. Gerald Ardito, he illustrates, how technology-rich STEM based curriculum affected the student’s work with robotics fostered their collaborative and problem-solving skills. (Ardito, 24). I couldnt agree more. I have implemented coding into my school for the first year as a new program for incoming 6th graders. They learn basic coding through FLL Lego Mindstorms. The coding isnt as advanced as C++ or college level coding classes, but it develops a foundation for my students. The curriculum designed for these students incorporates field research, core values such as teamwork, building off each others strengths and weakness, communication, and mission designs through robot construction and computer software programming. In addition, this class perfectly aligns to NGSS by implementing engineering practices. Each year there is a different theme. This years theme for First Lego League (FLL) is Into Orbit. My students need to identify a problem that astronauts face for long periods of time in outer space? After identifying a problem they must come up with a solution to that problem, a solution that is practical. This is where the research comes in. Overall, this foundation allows students to expand their interest in engineering and coding and use this knowledge towards an interest they may have for a future career. In the long run, coding regardless if it starts with just the basics through simple programming software like Lego Mindstorms, allows students to develop high level problem solving skills and critical thinking abilities.  

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